Airdrop history

In user profile added new section Airdrop where you can find your coin receiving history

18:49, 26-05-2018

Added instant payments in system

Now when you send a crypto currency to the address that is registered with us in the system, then the funds are sent instantly without the involvement of the blockchain

18:12, 25-05-2018

Blockexplorer fixed

All transactions are displayed correctly.

13:25, 25-05-2018

Blockexplorer troubles

Hello! We have some troubles whith OctoBit Coin Explorer. All transactions is done but dont displayed in explorer. Working to fix this issue.

11:18, 25-05-2018

Ethereum Classic new addresses

The node for Ethereum Classic has been changed, the old addresses are no longer valid. Before replenishing the balance, be sure to create a new address! All funds sent to the old addresses will be irretrievably lost!

20:57, 09-05-2018

Basic crypto-currencies

In less than a week, we have already hooked up to use basic crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DASH, ZCash, Ethereum Classic, Waves

21:14, 09-02-2018

Starting to run alpha testing

Hello! Today we are starting to add support for different crypto-currencies and invite users to test our multi-currency online wallet OctoBit.IO.In the process of connecting Bitcoin and Litecoin, and then - MORE!

23:36, 25-07-2017