The Most Robust Crypto Exchange Platform - ByBit

Before you open an account on a crypto exchange, it is essential to have an in-depth review for better guidance and decision making. This review on Bybit consists of all that you need to know about. We also have some bonus insights on the know-how and what makes Bybit one of the best crypto exchange channels in the market today! 

Bybit - Overview

Despite the relatively young inception, Bybit is fast growing as Peer to Peer (P2P) crypto derivative exchanges. Bybit claims that its marching engine can allegedly handle 100,000 transactions per second. This becomes an advantage because you will be able to avoid losses during price overloads or when you need to make swift moves. 

The faster engine and speedy transactions are a peek into the future of leveraged trading. Our speculation is indeed alleged as there is no sure way for us to substantiate this piece of information. Bybit’s credibility is self-explanatory, especially since its one of the go-to platforms for big traders.

As of now, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, EOS/USD, and XRP/USD, are the main currency pairs on Bybit. As a significant spot exchange for traders, Bybit offers a seamless experience for leverages traders. The “Spot Price Index” and the “Mark Price System” are two risk management integrations on this crypto exchange. Market manipulation becomes non-existent for Bybit, marking it one of the best crypto derivative exchanges on the planet.

Key Features

  • Bybit is a crypto derivative exchange from the British Virgin Islands. However, that does not hamper its universality. It allows traders from across the world (exempting the US) to participate in its rewarding trading schemes.
  • Bybit takes pride in offering multi-lingual customer supports to its users. You can connect with the omnipresent customer support team via their live chat feature. The site also sports a ‘Grey release feature.” Through this feature, you can experience the “on-the-go” maintenance technology. This integration is meant for minimizing downtime errors and gives you 24-hour access to live trade.
  • There is a pricing contrivance, ensuring an unclouded and fair-trading setup. The TradingView feature brings you the convenience of accessing various API tools on both iOS and android devices.
  • You can swap within all the supported currency units on Bybit within your account using the one-click Coin Swap feature.
  • As a user, there is virtually no limit on the number of trades and withdrawal you make.
  • The cold storage and three times per day manual regulations are among the most exciting features in terms of security on Bybit.

Bybit Fees and Deposits

Bybit can be explained as a mix of generosity and sure kept promises. There are virtually zero charges on your deposits and withdrawals on this platform. Follow along for a more comprehensive take on Bybit’s fees and deposits.

Bybit Fees

To a single trade, there are two sides to the operations. First, the maker who acts before the trader takes place. It is the makers whose records are present on the order book. The second is the taker, who is participating in the trade. The trader heads to the orders of the maker. Bybit charges takers a 0.075 percent fee on each order. For the maker, there is a -0.025 percent fee. In simple terms, it means the maker is paid to carry out a particular trade. Even though this trait is very functional, it also increases the competition to a whole new level.

Bybit Withdrawal fee

Withdrawals on Bybit are relatively simple in terms of execution. Adding to the advantage, the Withdrawal fee is minimal and straightforward. When making a withdrawal on Bybit, you will be charged with 0.0005 BTC as a fee. This margin is a whopping 40 percent lower than the worldwide average. This justifies the minimal aspect of Bybit charges.

Bybit Deposits

If you are an investor but do not hold any cryptocurrency, you cannot trade on Bybit. Fret not! There is always a solution. As a beginner investor with no stock holdings, you need to start at the entry-level exchange. This is a particular type of exchange that accepts fiat currency deposits. The entry-level exchange becomes the perfect starting point for achieving crypto holdings to begin your trading endeavour on Bybit.