IC Markets Website Review

IC Markets is a reputed online forex brokerage based out of Australia. It is controlled by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). IC Markets was established in 2007 by Andrew Budzinski. It is run by International Capital Markets PTY and has an ASIC approved Australian Financial Services License. The company is headquartered in Sydney.
This online brokerage company has earned a respectable repute in Australia and is considered the best for online trading. It offers safe trading options for operating day traders as well as amateur traders that are still learning. IC Markets is one of the most efficient forex brokers in Australia. It charges relatively low fees and also promises high leverages.
IC Markets has set the bar high for online trading. The company enables traders to gain access to unbelievable prices that were earlier offered only by investment banks. The traders can use IC Markets to access prices that were limited to people with high net worths.
IC Markets runs operations through two other brands, IC Markets (SC) and IC Markets (EU). The former is based in Seychelles and controlled by the FSA. IC Markets (EU) helps traders in Europe. It functions under CySec and is compliant with the ESMA guidelines.

Credibility and Operation

IC Markets’ main aim is to eliminate the existing gap between institutional and retail customers. The company is dedicated to providing trading solutions to its customers regardless of their net worth. IC Markets uses new-age technology and promises unparalleled liquidity.
Innovation is a key tool used by IC Markets. It has established a platform that works towards consistency and improvement. The company lists reliability, transparency, and flexibility as some of its core values. It has also established trustworthy corporate governance for the online trading of stocks.
IC Markets attributes a lot of importance to legal compliance. The popular online trading company believes that a brand operating in financial areas must be compliant with all laws of the land. All trading solutions offered by IC Markets are in line with the latest rules, regulations, and policies.
IC Markets is approved by ASIC, which is a fair and strict agency that establishes necessary operating procedures. Other than ASIC, IC Markets is also regulated by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). This offers a dispute resolution platform for IC Markets clients. This additionally benefits the company’s reputation since clients are reassured of their safety in case of a complaint. FOS provides a professional and transparent platform to customers if they have an issue with IC Markets.

Reliable Trading and Available Platforms

IC Markets enables traders to choose their online trading platform. The company offers three advanced trading platforms. This gives traders a wide range of analytical tools and methods to choose from.
MetaTrader 4, efficient software, offers custom market analysis. The company offers various technical tools like charts and indicators. It also has back-testing options. This software can also be accessed through a mobile application. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS.
Another popular platform is CTrader, which suits ECN traders the best. This has advanced online software, which can be accessed through the web browser as well as an app. Traders can select auto-trading options from Myfxbook’s AutoTrade, ZuluTrade, and Signal Trader.
IC Markets also has an upgraded version of MetaTrader4, which offers a wider choice of tools for online trading of stocks.

Accounts and Assets

One of the most appreciated features of IC Markets is its easy account set up options. The company provides a user-friendly and simple way to set up accounts. It also offers the option of a demo account to get started.
The accounts created on IC Markets offer surprisingly low spreads. The website offers various account types that have unique names but don’t differ much from one another. The accounts charge no fee for inactivity and have a low minimum deposit amount of $200. There is no deposit or withdrawal fee. It supports ten base currencies. It also has very low forex fees compared to other trading platforms.
IC Markets works in a transparent manner and offers no bonus amounts. This is a positive sign because it prevents traders from misrepresenting or over trading stocks.
The website offers many assets and trading instruments to its customers. It offers more than 90 instruments. This includes CFDs on stocks, products, metals, and currency pairs. It also has cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.


IC Markets offers ten base currencies to help in transactions. Most of the payment options are instant and offer currency choices. The currencies allowed are AUD, USD, SGD, JPY, EUR, NZD, CAD, GBP, CHF, and HKD. The company allows payment through Credit and Debit Cards, payment portals like PayPal and FasaPay as well as bank transfers. Withdrawals are very easy and are processed in a single day for domestic transfers. However, international payments may take 3-5 working days to process and charge $25 AUD. This makes for an efficient online trading platform.

Why Choose IC Markets?

● Affordable Forex Fees- Traders benefit greatly from low trading fees. It is easier to earn profits when overhead expenses are reduced.

● Wide Choice of Tools- IC Markets has advanced technology that gives traders many tech tools to choose from. This results in better market analysis and hence more profits.

● Huge Number of Assets- The company offers around 90+ assets and instruments to select from. This helps the trading process to be smooth.

● Informative Tutorials- IC Markets has videos on its website to help traders make informed choices.

● Safe and Reliable Platform- The ASIC regulated website offers a completely trustworthy platform that is best for online trading.

● Easy Account Management- IC Markets offers an easy and quick way to set up an account. It takes less than a day to get your account operational.

● Minimum or No Fees- It has no domestic transaction fees and charges only $25 AUD for international transactions. It charges no account inactivity fee.

● Excellent Customer Service- IC Markets offers 24-hour customer service in different languages through email and chat services.

● Superior Trading Tools- Technologically advanced trading tools like MetaTrader4 that give real-time market analysis to ensure traders get the best prices.

Key Takeaways

IC Markets offers a reliable, efficient, and transparent platform for online traders. It offers the best prices that were earlier only accessible to institutional banks and wealthy individuals. The company has a user friendly and high tech software that offers the best online trading platform.
It has a great international reputation and is known to be a safe platform for all traders. The company believes in new age technology and constant innovation for its platform. This makes them the best choice for traders online. IC Markets has also achieved its license from an official authority, ASIC.
IC Markets offers tutorials to its customers so that they can learn about online trading. This has helped thousands of traders make informed choices. The company is also known for its customer service, which is efficient and is operational for 24 hours.


Does IC Markets charge any trading fee?

IC Markets has two types of accounts, standard and raw. On raw accounts, the charge is $3.5 per lot round turn. It charges no commission on Standard accounts. However, a mark up is applied to the spread of 1 pip on the raw rate received from Liquidity partners

Is there a minimum deposit amount on IC Markets?

Yes, IC Markets require customers to deposit $200 USD. Customers from different countries can pay the deposit amount in their currencies.

How do I start trading if I am an amateur?

Amateur customers and new traders can watch the video tutorials that IC Markets offers on their official website, https://www.icmarkets.com/sc/en/. These tutorials are designed to help and inform traders on making the right trading choices. The videos also offer advice on the ways to identify the best prices.

How to know if IC Markets matches my trading requirements?

IC Markets has some of the most advanced tech tools to help analyze market trends to help you profit. However, if customers are still unsure about the platform, they can try using the demo account. IC Markets allows customers to open a demo account free of charge

What to do if a complaint or dispute arises?

IC Markets maintains a transparent dispute resolution platform. It receives very few complaints. However, if a customer has an issue, they can directly contact customer service through chat, call, or email. If the matter escalates, the FOS authorities intervene.

What to do if a complaint or dispute arises?

IC Markets maintains a transparent dispute resolution platform. It receives very few complaints. However, if a customer has an issue, they can directly contact customer service through chat, call, or email. If the matter escalates, the FOS authorities intervene.

Are there any particular trading hours on IC Markets?

IC Markets has global clients, so it is operational 24 hours a day in a 5-day workweek. This gives traders to choose from different trading hours in a day.

Which are the countries that can avail IC Markets’ services?

IC Markets is operational in Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, India, France, and many other countries. However, it does not accept traders from the USA, Iran, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Ghana, Niger, and Togo.