Plus500 Review

Plus500 is a broker that enables trading in multiple financial markets while keeping the spreads lower and without any commission. They have a forex and CFD business experience of 12 years and are recognized as a trusted brand. Plus500 is owned by the company Plus 500 Ltd and is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority. It is one of the topmost trading platforms for online Contract for Difference that is also listed on the London Stock Exchanges’ Main Market.

As Plus500 is regulated in several countries across the globe, it operates via a total of three subsidiaries. These are Plus500UK Ltd, Plus500CY Ltd, and Plus500AU Pty Ltd. This makes the company much familiar worldwide and reliable for the purpose. They also provide access to products like forex, ETFs, commodities, stock indexes, etc. Other than these, cryptocurrencies, equities, and other such options are also available.

Foundation, Regulation and Market Base

Plus500 was founded in the year 2008 in Israel and became one of the most trusted online brokers in the global scenario. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market, which makes it further financially strong. Also, it is registered with the most renowned regulators like FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), FCSA, MAS, ASIC, etc., which makes it highly reliable. Additionally, more regulatory agencies that regulate the subsidiaries of Plus500 are:

• Plus500AU Pty Ltd- Regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s regulatory agency.
• Plus500Pty Ltd (FSP 47546)- South Africa’s Financial Provider, allows this company to issue its products to its residents.
• Plus500UK (FRN 509909)- Financial Authority authorizes and regulates and enables it to be issued in the UK.
• Plus500CY (Lic No- 205/14)- This is authorized a swell as regulated by CySEC (Cyprus, Securities, and Exchange).
• (FSP #486026)- This is regulated and authorized by the Derivatives issuer license of New Zealand.

The subsidiaries of Plus500 are authorized and regulated by agencies like FCA (UK), CySEC, FSP of South Africa. This enables this company to issue these products to the residents and traders of the respective countries. Thus, the clients can conveniently consider it as a reliable choice as it is regulated by top-tier regulatory agencies and financial authorities.

The company is bound to take the necessary steps to protect the funds of clients, which assure that their assets and capital are safe. Plus500 is not likely to become insolvent, and it segregates the accounts for managing funds, making it a good choice. With a market capitalization of $2.25 billion and clientele in 50 plus countries worldwide, Plus500 has quite a reputation in the industry as well.

Trading Platforms

This is a proprietary trading platform that is designed to readily make provisions according to the needs of the client. Its ease of accessibility across the globe in a variety of versions allows it to manage international clientele with comfort. While platforms like Meta Trader suite are more trending, Plus500 sticks to providing only a proprietary trading platform. Plus500 trading platforms can very well work together with retail and professional accounts as well.

This platform is designed with a highly user-friendly interface that can easily be understood by even the novice traders. This automated trading enables the people new to trading to easily trade and operate its various assets. This platform can be found at most brokers and can be accessed using any browser. Also, it has a desktop version that could be downloaded and installed for use as well.

Mobile Platform For Trading

Plus500 offers a sturdy mobile trading platform that can be accessed on the client’s smartphones to iPads from anywhere. It also has all the 2000+ instruments that are available in the desktop version. The desktop and mobile interface are quite similar for ease of transition. It uses 100+ technical indicators for charting, allows access to account details, trading, conditional orders, etc.

Plus500 also enables the latest security features for unlocking the application using biometric recognition. This mobile interface also allows the user to make deposits and withdrawals safely. While this increases the usability of the application, however, some clients find security concerns due to streamlined account access. The lack of MT4 in the mobile application also restricts the functionality and operability of the application.

Clients can download the application easily from Google Play Store and Apple App Store according to their device type. Also, Plus500 maintains a low trading fee, rates, spreads, etc. on all the platforms for maximum benefit.

Setting Up An Account

The user can make an account using an online registration process that requires an email and password in the initial phase. The traders can log into their accounts using their linked Facebook or Google accounts, which makes it easy further. To make an account, novice traders are required to provide a copy of their ID Proof and residential proof. This is necessary for the successful completion of the AML/KYC verification process.

A base fee of $100 is collected for the opening of a standard account. However, recently all the existing accounts were upgraded to Gold status, thereby adding the number of benefits and features. A user can also opt for an unlimited demo account to test the operability, functionality, and performance of the application.

The users can get themselves classified as a professional or a retail client. Using this, the user can attain higher leverage (1:300) and suitable margin restrictions. However, the lower regulatory protection is a disadvantage for Pro accounts. Also, the Gold accounts are constrained to a much higher minimum trade volume, which again can be a downside for some.

Promos and Perks

Plus500 offers a variety of bonus offers to the clients of the ASIC region. The user is required to check the bonus page and make use of the bonus codes while making the first deposit. The amount of bonus received depends on the amount used in the first deposit. Other than this, the trader must collect the ‘TPoints’ to acquire reward points. These reward points can be withdrawn easily when a certain limit is reached.

Assets and Instruments

The application Plus500 provides more than 2000 instruments that use CFDs on desktop and mobile interface. From currency pairs, ETFs, stock indexes, commodities, equities, to cryptocurrencies, these assets include every necessary element. With high leverage (1:300) and no commission fee, Plus500 offers a lot of benefits to the online traders.
Tight spreads are offered for assets, including Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc. while for cryptocurrency, it is regulated at 1:2.

Fee and Commissions

The account charges and spreads at Plus500 are the lowest available in the market. While making a standard account, the user is required to submit a base fee of $100. However, one downside of this application for novices is the limited range of research and analysis tools.

Monetary Transactions

Plus500 offers payments and withdrawal processes using Credit cards, Debit cards, Bank Transfers, Skrill, or PayPal. In the case of withdrawals, after the first five transactions, a charge of $10 is imposed on the trader. There are also withdrawal limitations of $50 for PayPal users and $100 or credit cards/debits cards/ bank transfer. Withdrawals smaller than this limit will also require a base fee of $10 additionally.

Customer Support

Customer Support services provided by Plus500 are through emails and online chats with 24/7 service availability. There is no contact number available for spontaneous support. However, the chat option is a live session that can provide spontaneous answers to the user. While a call is a much quick and insightful option, but the live chat session is also equally knowledgeable, instant, and gracious.

Is Plus500 A Good Choice For Day Trading?

Plus500 is a trusted and reliable brand that assures you high efficiency and quality standards. It offers a multitude of assets, bonuses, and charges no commission fee. This proprietary trading platform executes multiple trades with quick operability. A trader can open or close CFD positions at any point in time during working hours allowing high flexibility. The account can easily accommodate to the amends in positions and portfolios as per the requirement.

Plus500 v/s eToro

Both of these trading platforms offer a wide range of markets and a variety of assets and tools. However, when it comes to research and analysis tools, eToro is much equipped with the required tools. Copy Trading is an essential feature of eToro, and it is considered to be much suitable for casual traders. Comparatively, Plus500 has a much lower minimum deposit limit and commission fee in addition to a better quality of service.


How can I withdraw my money from Plus500?

You can easily withdraw your money using bank wires, Skrill, credit/debit cards (Mastercard or Visa), or PayPal. By simply clicking on the ‘Withdrawals’ tab, and follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the process.

Is Plus500 a good platform for novice traders?

Yes, it is a great platform for novice traders as it offers a variety of user-friendly features for ease of use.

In how much time does the margin-call take place at Plus500?

A margin call is made when the account balance of the user no longer satisfies the minimum margin requirement. The maintenance margin is totally asset dependent, and thus it is necessary to oblige with the requirements in this trading platform.